Recent RAND Statistics Publications

2016 Publications

  • The positive effects of population-based preferential sampling in environmental epidemiology2016

    Antonelli, J., Cefalu, M., & Bornn, L.

    Biostatics, 17(4), 764-778.

  • Efficacy of Sampling Weights for Correcting Nonresponse Bias2016

    Ghosh-Dastidar, M. B., Schell, T. L., Morral, A. R., & Elliott, M.

    A. R. Morral, K. L. Gore, & T. L. Schell (Eds.), Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the US Military: Volume 4. Investigations of Potential Bias in Estimates from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study: RAND Corporation.

  • Accuracy of BMI correction using multiple reports in children2016

    Ghosh-Dastidar, M. B., Haas, A. C., Nicosia, N., & Datar, A.

    BMC Obesity, 3(1), 37.

  • Validation of a New Counter for Direct Observation of Physical Activity in Parks2016

    Han, B., Cohen, D. A., Derose, K. P., Marsh, T., Williamson, S., & Raaen, L.

    Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 13(2), 140-144.

  • Validation of a brief PTSD screener for underserved patients in federally qualified health centers2016

    Han, B., Wong, E. C., Mao, Z., Meredith, L. S., Cassells, A., & Tobin, J. N.

    General Hospital Psychiatry, 38, 84-88.

  • Learning about missing data mechanisms in electronic health records-based research: a survey-based approach2016

    Haneuse, S., Bogart, A., Jazic, I., Westbrook, E. O., Boudreau, D., Theis, M. K., . . .

    Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), 27(1), 82.

  • Accounting for misclassification in electronic health records-derived exposures using generalized linear finite mixture models2016

    Hubbard, R. A., Johnson, E., Chubak, J., Wernli, K. J., Kamineni, A., Bogart, A., & Rutter, C. M.

    Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology, 1-12.

  • Boosting medical diagnostics by pooling independent judgments2016

    Kurvers, R. H., Herzog, S. M., Hertwig, R., Krause, J., Carney, P. A., Bogart, A., . . . Wolf, M.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201601827

  • Review of "Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach (3rd ed)," by Jeff Gill2016

    Paddock S.M.

    The American Statistician, 70(1), 120.

  • Bayesian restricted spatial regression for examining session features and patient outcomes in open-enrollment group therapy studies2016

    Paddock, S. M., Leininger, T. J., & Hunter, S. B.

    Statistics in Medicine, 35(1), 97-114.

  • Robust estimation of the proportion of treatment effect explained by surrogate marker information2016

    Parast, L., McDermott, M. M., & Tian, L.

    Statistics in Medicine, 35(10), 1637-1653.

  • Cross-Correlation Matrices for Tests of Independence and Causality Between Two Multivariate Time Series2015

    Robbins, M. W., & Fisher, T. J.

    Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 35(10), 33(4), 459-473.

  • Beyond the ecological fallacy: potential problems when studying healthcare organisations2016a

    Saunders, C. L., Elliott, M. N., Lyratzopoulos, G., & Abel, G. A.

    Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 109(3), 92-97.

  • Do Differential Response Rates to Patient Surveys Between Organizations Lead to Unfair Performance Comparisons?: Evidence From the English Cancer Patient Experience Survey.2016b

    Saunders, C. L., Elliott, M. N., Lyratzopoulos, G., & Abel, G. A.

    Medical Care, 54(1), 45.

In Press

  • Misclassification Risk of Tier-based Physician Quality Performance Systems2016

    Adams JL, Paddock S.M.

    Health Services Research

  • Establishing Limits for Supplemental Items on a Standardized National Survey2016

    Beckett, M. K., Elliott, M. N., Gaillot, S., Haas, A., Dembosky, J. W., Giordano, L. A., & Brown, J.

    Public Opinion Quarterly

  • Estimating Surgical Procedure Times Using Anesthesia Billing Data and Operating Room Records2016

    Burgette, L. F., Mulcahy, A. W., Mehrotra, A., Ruder, T., & Wynn, B. O.

    Health Services Research

  • Bayesian models for semicontinuous outcomes in rolling admission therapy groups2016

    Burgette, L.F., Paddock, S.M.

    Psychological Methods

  • A model averaged double robust estimator2016

    Cefalu M., Dominici F., and Parmigiani G.


  • Chasing balance and other recommendations for improving nonparametric propensity score models2016

    Griffin, B.A., McCaffrey, D., Almirall, D., Setodji, C., Burgette, L.

    Journal of Causal Inference

  • Evaluating the Impact of Parent-Reported Medical Home Status on Children's Health Care Utilization, Expenditures, and Quality: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis with Causal Inference Methods2016

    Han, B., Yu, H., & Friedberg, M. W.

    Health Services Research

  • Driving to safety: How many miles of driving would it take to demonstrate autonomous vehicle reliability?2016

    Kalra N., Paddock S.M.

    Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

  • An Item Response Theory Approach to Estimating Survey Mode Effects: Analysis of Data from a Randomized Mode Experiment2016

    Mariano, L.T. and Elliott, M.N.

    Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology

  • Landmark Estimation of Survival and Treatment Effect in Observational Studies2016

    Parast L. and Griffin B.A.

    Lifetime Data Analysis

  • Optimizing Variance-Bias Trade-off in the TWANG Package for Estimation of Propensity Scores2016

    Parast, L., McCaffrey, D.F., Burgette, L., Hoces de Garcia, F., Golinela, D., Miles, Griffin, B.A.

    Health Services Research and Outcome Methodology

  • Discussion of "A risk-based measure of time-varying prognostic discrimination for survival models."2016

    Parast L. and Rutter C.


  • A General Regression Changepoint Test for Time Series Data2016

    Robbins, M. W., Gallagher, C. M., & Lund, R. B.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association

  • A framework for synthetic control methods with high-dimensional, micro-level data: Evaluating a neighborhood-specific crime intervention2016

    Robbins, M. W., Saunders, J., & Kilmer, B.

    Journal of the American Statistical Association

  • The right tool for the job: choosing between covariate balancing and generalized boosted model propensity scores2016

    Setodji, C., McCaffrey, D.F., Burgette, L., Almirall, D., Griffin, B.A.