RAND American Truck Driver Panel

Red semi-trailer truck on a country road

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Understanding The Future of America's Truck Drivers

The RAND Corporation is recruiting truck drivers to join an online survey panel. Drivers who join the panel will respond to surveys over the next several years and will be paid for each survey they complete. Drivers can complete these surveys using a smartphone, a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

The RAND American Truck Driver Panel will help answer many questions about technology, changes in the transportation industry and the impact of those changes on truck drivers. How, for example, will driverless trucks change the driver experience? Will it eliminate the current driver shortage? Will it increase the need for short-haul drivers and reduce the need for long-haul drivers? The RAND American Truck Driver Panel will provide the answers.

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If you have questions about the panel, please email the RAND project team at: truckers@rand.org.