Artificial Intelligence


Technology, machines, and software that have the ability to be self-directed and learn from their actions are generally known as artificial intelligence. In the early days of computing, RAND researchers examined and tried to develop such technology and apply it for use in political and military simulations.

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    When AI Gets It Wrong, Will It Be Held Accountable?

    Will people continue to use the court system to defend their rights in the era of AI? And if so, do existing legal standards cover the right to contest decisions made by an AI?

    May 9, 2024

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    Using Artificial Intelligence Tools in K–12 Classrooms

    How is AI beginning to affect teaching and learning in K–12 public schools? Teachers reported how they use AI tools in their practices, and district leaders reported whether and how they are providing policies, guidance, and training on the use of AI tools.

    Apr 17, 2024

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