Cancer Treatment

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    Journal Article

    An Analysis of Predictor Variables for Adjuvant Treatment of Breast Cancer

    Computer-based statistical analysis of a well-documented data base can facilitate the selection of breast cancer patients for adjuvant chemotherapy.

    Jan 1, 1979

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    The value of screening trials

    Screening trials provide information on cancer treatment which is otherwise practically impossible to obtain. Such trials are inherently expensive because of the size, but are easily justified economically by the solid information they produce. If ...

    Jan 1, 1978

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    Cell Kinetics Simulation in the Treatment of Acute Granulocytic Leukemia.

    Describes systems of models simulating patient response to cancer chemotherapy and various mechanisms of blood and blood forming tissues. Such models will make it possible to choose a drug-dosage strategy favoring destruction of tumor cells and mini...

    Jan 1, 1972

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