Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity is associated with numerous negative effects on children's physical and emotional health and well-being. RAND research on childhood obesity includes studies on peer and neighborhood influences on food choices, school nutrition policies, physical activity of children and their families, and adolescent dietary behaviors.

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    Changes to Kids' Menus May Help Curb Childhood Obesity

    Most kids' menu items at the top 200 U.S. restaurant chains exceed the calorie counts recommended by nutrition experts. The restaurant industry can embrace calorie guidelines to promote children's health and reduce childhood obesity.

    Dec 5, 2016

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    Middle School Intervention Program Leads to Long-Term BMI Reduction

    A five-week obesity prevention program helped obese seventh grade students lose weight over a long-term period. The average reduction in body mass index two years later when they entered high school translated into about nine pounds lower bodyweight.

    May 23, 2016

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