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Civil law—the body of laws of a state or nation dealing with the rights of private citizens—seeks to resolve noncriminal disputes such as disagreements over property ownership or damage, insurance, contracts, divorce, and child custody. RAND helps make the civil justice system more efficient and more equitable by supplying government and private decisionmakers and the public with the results of objective, empirically based, analytic research.

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    When AI Gets It Wrong, Will It Be Held Accountable?

    Will people continue to use the court system to defend their rights in the era of AI? And if so, do existing legal standards cover the right to contest decisions made by an AI?

    May 9, 2024

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    RAND Institute for Civil Justice

    The RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ), a part of the Justice Policy program, conducts research on all aspects of civil justice, from trends in litigation and jury verdicts to punitive damages, compensation systems, and alternative dispute resolution.

    Nov 2, 2023

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