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  • A traveler takes a nap following reports of the coronavirus, Galeao International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 6, 2020, photo by Ricardo Moraes/Reuters


    Why Prioritizing Sleep in the Time of Coronavirus Is So Important

    Mar 17, 2020

    The coronavirus has required many people to drastically alter their daily schedules, which can wreak havoc on sleep. But there are simple strategies that can help support sleep—and well-being—during this trying time.

  • Group of people planting a tree together, photo by Rawpixel/Getty Images


    Is Civic Engagement Related to Health?

    Sep 18, 2019

    Is there a connection between health and/or well-being and civic activities like voting and volunteering? Is health a cause of civic engagement, a consequence of it, or both? A review of the scientific literature identifies both the links and where further research is needed.

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    Marielena Lara

    Senior Physician Policy Researcher
    Education B.S. in mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.D. in pediatrics, Harvard Medical School/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology; M.P.H. in health services management and policy, University of California, Los Angeles

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    Rebecca Ann Lawrence

    Research Assistant
    Education BA in brain & cognitive sciences, public health, University of Rochester

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    Evan D. Peet

    Associate Economist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in economics, Duke University; M.A. in economics, Duke University; B.A. in economics, math, statistics, Brigham Young University

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    Lilian Perez

    Associate Policy Researcher
    Education Ph.D. in public health, UC San Diego; M.P.H. in public health, Emory University; B.A. in neuroscience, Wellesley College

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    Amy L. Shearer

    Associate Behavioral Scientist
    Education PhD in applied psychology, Portland State University

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    Patricia Ann Stapleton

    Political Scientist
    Education Ph.D. in political science, City University of New York; M.Phil in political science, City University of New York; M.A. in French Literature, Rutgers University; B.A. in French, Ursinus College

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    Sarah Weilant

    Senior Policy Analyst
    Education M.P.P. in public policy, American University

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    Sarah Zelazny

    Policy Analyst
    Education B.A. in sociology, Clarion University of Penn; M.P.H. in behavioral and comm health sciences, University of Pittsburgh

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