Continuing Education

Postsecondary education that advances one's career or provides personal enrichment without leading to a degree is generally known as continuing education. RAND's research in this area of education has focused on such diverse topics as improving the participation of adult learners in the U.S. military, continuing education in the Arab world, and the economic benefits for the general population stemming from greater educational attainment.

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    The Reform of Qatar University

    In this summary of the efforts to reform Qatar University, the authors describe the motivation for reform, the design of the reform agenda, and the early stages of the implementation effort, with an eye toward identifying the challenges that remain.

    Aug 13, 2009

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    The Benefits to Taxpayers from Increases in Students' Educational Attainment

    Examines the financial benefits that taxpayers realize -- from increases in tax revenues and decreases in spending on social support programs and correctional facilities -- as a result of increases in students' educational attainment.

    Jul 2, 2009

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    Improving the Effectiveness of Distributed Learning: A Research and Policy Agenda

    This paper reviews the state of research on DL and provides recommendations to the Army for a research agenda on DL, methodological strategies to improve DL research, and policies to support DL design, implementation, and evaluation.

    Jul 6, 2006

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    Increasing Participation in Army Continuing Education: eArmyU and Effects of Possible Program Changes

    Presents the results of research on the eArmyU distance learning program, focused on making eArmyU available to more individuals while controlling program costs.

    Mar 15, 2005

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    Commercial Book

    In Pursuit of Prestige: Strategy and Competition in U.S. Higher Education

    This volume examines higher education as an industry. The authors focus on how institutions serve four identifiable markets that generate revenue (student enrollment, research funding, public fiscal support, and private giving).

    Jan 1, 2004

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    Dwayne M. Butler

    Senior Management Scientist; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ed.D. in adult & continuing education, Rutgers University; Ph.D. in organization and management, Capella University; M.S. in administration, Central Michigan University; B.A. in economics, Rutgers University; B.A. in Spanish, Rutgers University