Cost-Effectiveness in Health Care


One goal of health policy research is to improve cost effectiveness without compromising quality of care. RAND researchers examine treatments, programs, drugs, and technologies in terms of their costs, their cost effectiveness, and the alternatives that may or may not present a better, more efficient way forward.

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    Options for Designing a Public Option

    May 28, 2020

    State and federal policymakers are considering adding state-backed public options to the individual market in an effort to expand health coverage and improve affordability. We analyzed what would happen if public options became available in U.S. health insurance exchanges.

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    Why States' 'Netflix Model' Prescription Drug Arrangements Are No Silver Bullet

    Jul 1, 2020

    Despite the buzz and catchy notion that subscription models are "Netflix for drugs," it's hard to come up with a theoretical case that supports subscription models over traditional price negotiation between payers and manufacturers over a per-dose or per-unit price.

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