Crime and Violence Prevention


Preventing violent crime involves not only traditional law enforcement and criminal justice but also an integrated, long-term approach that addresses the root causes and drivers of crime. RAND researchers several aspects of safety and justice, including policing, mental health care, gun control, and more.

  • Essay

    Preventing Violence in Schools: How to Encourage Students to Report Threats

    One of the most consistent findings in research on school shootings is that someone knew an attack was possible but didn't report it. There are ways schools can encourage students to come forward when they see or hear something concerning: tip lines, training, and a lot more trust.

    Mar 9, 2023

  • Report

    Latest Findings from RAND's Gun Policy in America Study

    The third edition of RAND's report on gun policy synthesizes scientific evidence for the effects of various policies on firearm deaths, violent crime, suicides, the gun industry, defensive gun use, and other outcomes.

    Jan 10, 2023

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