Technology allows individuals and organizations access to more comprehensive and diverse information, but this access requires that electronic information, networks, data repositories, and data transmissions be adequately safeguarded. RAND has developed a large body of research focused on recognizing the potential threats to information security and data integrity, as well as implications for personal and institutional privacy.

  • Commentary

    Cyber Attacks Reveal Uncomfortable Truths About U.S. Defenses

    Without government investments and policies to drive transparency and a clear understanding of what cybersecurity tools do, how well they work, and how securely they are built, the United States risks continuing to offer its adversaries the means to undermine its systems and, ultimately, its security.

    Sep 21, 2023

  • Report

    Technological and Economic Threats to the U.S. Financial System

    Deepfakes that move markets. Attacks on AI-enabled financial models. Memes that undermine economic stability. New technologies may bring new risks to the U.S. financial system. What can be done to mitigate them?

    Feb 13, 2024

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