Education Reform


Education reform comprises any planned changes in the way a school or school system functions, from teaching methodologies to administrative processes. RAND evaluates school reform models and conducts case-study analyses of individual schools and school systems to identify areas of improvement and highlight best practices and effective reform efforts.

  • Commentary

    Early Years Education Reform: Could Life Chances for Children in England Be Significantly Improved?

    To ensure equal access to high-quality early years provision in England, it is crucial to learn from successful systems worldwide and implement key recommendations. Prioritizing highly qualified staff, maintaining appropriate staff-to-child ratios, and removing barriers for disadvantaged families are essential steps toward achieving this goal.

    Jul 18, 2023

  • Research Brief

    Coherence in K–12 Instructional Systems

    Teachers need to receive clear, aligned, and consistent messaging from all parts of the instructional system. A synthesis of multiple studies presents a portrait of the extent of coherence in instructional systems in U.S. public schools.

    Mar 28, 2024

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