Environmental and Natural Resource Management


The use and conservation of natural resources such as water, land, soil, plants, and animals affects a multitude of industries, from agriculture and mining to tourism, fishing, and forestry. RAND researchers concerned about ecosystems and sustainability pursue studies in flooding, nuclear energy, drought, coastal restoration, and more in their quest to mitigate the potential adverse effects of mismanagement.

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    Military and Local Governments Could Coordinate Climate Adaptation Plans

    Apr 28, 2020

    Contending with and preparing for the effects of climate change is a critical global challenge that will shape the security landscape over the next 20 years. What role can collaboration play in military and local government climate resilience planning?

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    Research Brief

    Green Infrastructure Can Help Manage Rainfall in an Urban Watershed

    Oct 29, 2020

    Urbanization, inadequate investment in aging infrastructure, and more-frequent heavy rainfall events due to climate change have led to sewer overflows, flooding, and reduced water quality in U.S. cities. The challenges of increasing volumes of stormwater can be addressed by a mix of solutions.

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