Female Populations


Around the globe, many women and girls face barriers to fully participating in society. These include gender-based and intimate-partner violence, sexual assault, unmet health needs, and discrimination. RAND research has examined the needs of women refugees and migrants, gender disparities in health care, the effects of homelessness on women, and the impact of stress and activity levels in girls.

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    Limiting Access to Reproductive Health Care May Undermine National Security

    What signal does revoking policies related to improved access to reproductive health care send to young women who are considering the military as a possible path for them? Given an already concerning recruiting environment, can we really afford to further alienate an entire gender when it comes to protecting our national security?

    Jul 6, 2023

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    The Marriage Plot

    For more than a quarter century, the U.S. government has been sending an unmistakable message to poor, single mothers: Get married. If America genuinely wants to address poverty and achieve gender equality, this has to change.

    Apr 4, 2022

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