Gender Equity


Gender equity is the fair and just distribution of benefits and responsibilities among people of all genders, and protection from discrimination based on gender identity. RAND research has examined gender equity issues in the U.S. military, the health care sector, academia, and labor markets around the world.

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    Gender Equity in Asia

    Research by the Gender Equity in Asia initiative analyzes the social, cultural, and political drivers for existing gender inequality, and explores the best models for social change to improve gender equity in Asia.

    Sep 4, 2020

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    Investment in Women's Health Research Could Reap Large Societal Benefits

    The potential gains from women-focused research are substantial, given the limitations in knowledge about disease development and impacts for women relative to men. Savings would include increased life years, fewer disruptions to work productivity, and fewer years with disease and functional dependence.

    Oct 11, 2021

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