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Health information technology, electronic medical records, and modern surgical procedures that enable faster recovery are but three examples of how technology is changing the health care sector. RAND research has explored many facets of health care technology and advised policymakers and practitioners on best practices for cost savings and improved patient outcomes.

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    Can a Wellness Program Incentivize Exercise with an Apple Watch?

    Nov 27, 2018

    Discovery Insurance offers customers the opportunity to receive an Apple Watch up front, with repayment dependent on their level of physical activity. Compared with a traditional wellness incentive program, this option was associated with higher physical activity levels that persist over time.

  • Mother on a video call with doctor with sick teenage son, photo by Courtney Hale/Getty Images


    Coronavirus, Telemedicine, and Dustbusters

    Mar 16, 2020

    Telemedicine has been with us for decades. And yet it hasn't transformed health care in the way that ATMs have transformed banking or cordless vacuums have transformed household cleaning. But the coronavirus pandemic could forever change how telemedicine is used.

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