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RAND advances understanding of health and health behaviors, and examines how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access. Our body of research includes innovative studies of health insurance, health care reform, and health information technology, as well as obesity, substance use disorders, and PTSD. RAND findings also help inform policies that aim to improve the health of seniors and the care they receive.

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    Comparing International Prescription Drug Prices

    A comparison of 2022 prescription drug prices finds that across all drugs, U.S. prices were 2.78 times those in 33 other high-income countries. The gap was even larger for brand-named drugs. But unbranded generics cost less in the United States than in the other nations.

    Feb 1, 2024

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    Primary Care Providers May Be Key to Faster Alzheimer's Treatment

    As therapies for Alzheimer's disease get approved, how will providers keep up with patient demand? Neurology and geriatric practices often have wait lists but engaging primary care practitioners in the diagnostic process could be vital to accelerating the delivery of new treatments.

    Jan 30, 2024

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