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The U.S. health insurance model frequently costs more and provides less care than systems in other Western nations. RAND's health insurance research began in 1971 with the 15-year Health Insurance Experiment, the only community-based experimental study of how cost-sharing arrangements affect people’s use of health services, their quality of care, and their health status. Subsequent research has continued to inform the U.S. policy debate.

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    Can the Health Insurance System Handle Massive Medicaid Reductions?

    For many who have or will soon lose Medicaid as monthly redeterminations restart, and for millions more who could lose insurance due to other factors like job loss, three recent policy developments might increase the chances that they find new health care coverage.

    May 12, 2023

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    Could State-Funded Subsidies Help Minnesota's Health Insurance Market?

    Minnesota's health insurance market could be affected by anticipated changes to federal premium subsidies and state funding for its reinsurance program. With reduced tax credits, fewer people might enroll in marketplace plans, potentially leading to higher premiums and market instability.

    Jan 24, 2024

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