Health Legislation

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    Support for Implementing Home Visiting Under the Affordable Care Act

    One groundbreaking provision of the Affordable Care Act is its funding for home visiting programs that match the parents of young children with trained specialists who provide information, social support, parental skill instruction, and more.

    Jan 8, 2014

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    The Conspiracy to Keep You Fat

    Just as we needed policies to protect people from having alcohol thrust in their faces everywhere they went, we need to develop and implement policies that protect people from food cues and triggers designed to make them eat when they're not hungry and over-consume.

    Jan 6, 2014

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Preparedness of Americans for the Affordable Care Act

    This paper investigates whether individuals are sufficiently informed to make reasonable choices in the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

    Jan 1, 2014

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Cutting Medicare Hospital Prices Leads to a Spillover Reduction in Hospital Discharges for the Nonelderly

    Medicare price reductions appear to broadly constrain hospital operations, with significant reductions in utilization among the nonelderly.

    Jan 1, 2014

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Implementing Psychological First-Aid Training for Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers

    Psychological first-aid (PFA) training is a promising approach to improve surge responder confidence and competency in addressing postdisaster needs.

    Jan 1, 2014

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Words Can Be Deceiving: A Review of Variation Among Legally Effective Medical Marijuana Laws in the United States

    This study seeks to clarify the characteristics of state medical marijuana laws (MMLs) in place since 1990 that are most relevant to consumers/patients and categorizes those aspects most likely to affect the prevalence of use, and consequently the intensity of public health and welfare effects.

    Jan 1, 2014

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    Journal Article

    Registered Nurses' Delayed Retirement Helps to Boost Nursing Supply in the U.S.

    One reason that the nation's supply of registered nurses has grown substantially in recent years is that older RNs are working longer than in the past. From 1991 to 2012, among RNs working at age 50, 24 percent remained working as late as age 69. From 1969 to 1990, only 9 percent did.

    Jan 1, 2014

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    RAND Health Reform Opinion Study Update: Positive Opinion on the ACA Continues to Rise

    The latest data from the RAND Health Reform Opinion Study indicates that positive opinion of the ACA continues to increase. The overall favorable rating is now as high as it was in late September, prior to the opening of the health insurance exchanges.

    Dec 30, 2013

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    Five Myths About Obesity

    The obesity epidemic is among the most critical health issues facing the United States. Although it has generated a lot of attention and calls for solutions, it also has served up a super-sized portion of myths and misunderstandings.

    Dec 27, 2013

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    RAND Health Reform Opinion Study Update: Positive Opinion on ACA Grows, Negative Opinion Stabilizes

    Last week we introduced the RAND Health Reform Opinion Study, a new way to measure public opinion of the Affordable Care Act. Negative opinion about the ACA seems to be stabilizing, while positive opinion is increasing. Those undecided about the ACA are decreasing.

    Dec 23, 2013

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    A New Way to Measure Public Opinion of Health Reform

    Whether the public will begin to settle on an overall positive or negative perception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is very much an open question. But understanding how opinion of the law evolves over time could offer valuable insight into Americans' appetite both for the ACA and for health reform more broadly.

    Dec 17, 2013

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    The RAND Health Reform Opinion Study

    The RAND Health Reform Opinion Study tracks public opinion of the Affordable Care Act by surveying the same people over time. This allows us to observe true changes in public opinion, rather than changes based on who was surveyed randomly.

    Dec 16, 2013

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    Research Brief

    Will the Affordable Care Act Make Health Care More Affordable?

    For most lower-income people who obtain coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act, health care spending will fall. But spending by some newly insured higher-income people will increase because they will be now paying insurance premiums.

    Dec 11, 2013

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    Is There Really a Physician Shortage?

    Large coverage expansions under the ACA have reignited concerns about physician shortages. These estimates result from models that forecast future supply and demand for physicians based on past trends and current practice. While useful exercises, they do not necessarily imply that intervening to boost physician supply would be worth the investment.

    Dec 6, 2013

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    Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Why Does It Persist, and Will It Continue after 2014?

    As the ACA is implemented, policy makers should be attuned to potential inefficiencies and inequities created by a system with different regulatory and tax rules for small employers, large employers, and individual health plans. Attempts to equalize the playing field may be difficult.

    Dec 2, 2013

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    RAND Review Examines Immigration, Defense Policies, the ACA, and Correctional Education

    Stories in RAND's flagship journal discuss U.S. and Mexican immigration and labor reforms; British, French, and German defense policies in the face of austerity; seven ramifications of the Affordable Care Act; and the cost-effectiveness of correctional education programs.

    Nov 26, 2013

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    Can the Affordable Care Act Help Asthma Sufferers Breathe Easier?

    ACA reforms can potentially address barriers that get in the way of individuals with asthma getting the care they need. At the population level, the law has the potential to improve outcomes and efficiency and equity of services for chronic conditions such as asthma for which cost-effective preventive treatments exist.

    Nov 20, 2013

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    Are County Masking Requirements the Future of Influenza Prevention?

    If it doesn't seem that state laws as currently written can help increase the number of health care workers vaccinated against influenza, then what can? There is evidence that imposing consequences for vaccination refusal, including the requirement to wear a surgical mask, can help.

    Nov 20, 2013

  • U.S. President Barack Obama talks about the Affordable Care Act in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, November 14, 2013


    Four Questions on Canceled Insurance Policy Fix

    David Mastio, Forum editor at USA TODAY, asked RAND's Christine Eibner four questions about President Obama's plan to fix the problem with people getting their insurance canceled.

    Nov 15, 2013

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    The Future of the Health Care Workforce: RAND Researchers Well Represented in Health Affairs Special Issue

    In “Redesigning the Health Care Workforce,” a new special issue of the journal Health Affairs, RAND researchers contribute to several timely examinations of challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions relating to the future of health care staffing in the U.S. and abroad.

    Nov 7, 2013

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