In the 1980s, soon after AIDS and HIV were first recognized, RAND Health conducted the first major research effort to collect information on a nationally representative sample of people receiving care for HIV infection. Today, RAND research addresses a wide range of HIV/AIDS-related issues around the world, including access, cost, and quality of care; antiretroviral treatment; and the effective allocation of prevention resources.

  • Tool

    Sharing and Integrating HIV Client Data Across Provider Organizations to Improve Service Coordination

    Recognizing the potential power of close collaboration, two federal programs that provide support to low-income people with HIV came together to determine how they could integrate data to improve outcomes for individuals with HIV who also experience housing instability. This toolkit, the result of that project, is an effort to demystify the data integration process and help others share data and coordinate services across providers.

    Nov 7, 2019

  • Research Brief

    The Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Addressing HIV

    In a series of collaborative studies, RAND researchers sought to better understand urban congregations' capacity for HIV prevention and care, specifically in the areas of stigma reduction and HIV testing.

    Apr 27, 2017

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