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RAND research addresses the challenges of developing, managing, and protecting energy, transportation, water, communications, and other critical infrastructure throughout the world.

  • Lake Pontchartrain sunset, photo by JWLouisiana/Getty Images


    Reducing Coastal Flood Risk with a Lake Pontchartrain Barrier

    Aug 4, 2017

    A Lake Pontchartrain barrier could provide substantial damage reduction benefits—including reduced flood depths and preventing direct economic damage—for southeastern Louisiana, potentially amounting to billions of dollars saved per year.

  • A delivery driver in the driver's seat with a clipboard and box, photo by Peopleimages /


    What Autonomous Vehicles Could Mean for American Workers

    Aug 29, 2017

    Autonomous vehicles are projected to hit American roads within the next few years. They promise safer transportation, greater mobility for millions of Americans, and other benefits. But they will also have enormous impacts on the workforce.

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