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RAND's research on law, business, and government includes analyses of the criminal and civil justice systems, governments and political systems, international trade and economic development, and the banking and finance sectors. Notable studies have addressed the effects of gun policies in the United States and liability in the age of autonomous vehicles.

  • People line up outside the Kentucky Career Center before opening to find assistance with their unemployment claims in Frankfort, Kentucky, June 18, 2020, photo by Bryan Woolston/Reuters


    Will States Take the Wrong Lesson About Unemployment Insurance's Failings?

    Mar 18, 2021

    By shoring up all state-run Unemployment Insurance programs equally, Congress set a precedent that it will intervene to raise benefits at no cost to state trust funds. From the states' perspective, why hike taxes on businesses to maintain robust unemployment benefits if Congress will step in when the economy goes south?

  • A retail store closed permanently, photo by shaunl/Getty Images


    Entrepreneurship in America: Challenges and Opportunities

    Mar 11, 2021

    There's a widespread belief that the United States is a leader in entrepreneurial activity, but evidence does not support this. What can be done to better support entrepreneurship and promote economic opportunity in America?

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