Law Enforcement


As one arm of the criminal justice system, law enforcement is responsible for maintaining social and public order. RAND research is relevant to many issues affecting law enforcement agencies in the United States, with a focus on public safety, quality policing and community policing, and the recruitment and retention of quality officers.

  • Research Brief

    Youth Law Enforcement Experience Programs as a Police Recruiting Tool

    Youth law enforcement experience programs offer one promising avenue for improving police recruitment. They provide opportunities for young people to learn about and experience law enforcement activities, with an eye to increasing their interest in the profession.

    Apr 11, 2024

  • Commentary

    The Evolution of Protest Policing

    As difficult as policing vigorous dissent may be, having a flexible and adaptive strategy that draws from best practice and lessons learned will be the most effective way for police to plan, execute, adapt, and resolve the scenes to which they are called.

    May 1, 2024

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