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Although pharmaceutical drugs on the whole greatly improve patient outcomes and quality of life when used as prescribed, they are not without their complications. RAND research on pharmaceuticals examines their safety and effectiveness, relevant health economics issues, prescription drug abuse, challenges related to access and adherence, and pharmaceutical regulatory policy.

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    How to Best Enable Pharma Innovation Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

    May 26, 2020

    Innovating in response to public health challenges like COVID-19 does not always align well with pharmaceutical industry commercial models or shareholder expectations. More sustainable and scalable ways of incentivizing innovation in response to infectious disease threats are needed.

  • A variety of prescription pills and capsules formed into a dollar sign, photo by ADragan/Getty Images


    The Promise and Peril of Offshoring Prescription Drug Pricing

    Sep 16, 2019

    Most Americans, including Congress and the president, agree that prescription drug prices are too high. Policy proposals from both major parties could promise some relief. Several of them look to drug prices in other countries to help set prices in the United States.

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