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    Immigrant Location Policies Can Be Done Right, but That Isn't Happening Right Now

    Sudden influxes of migrants across the southwest U.S. border are not new, but they are also increasing. Immigration relocation policies are likely one of the best ways to address migrant surges if done in an organized, humane, and thoughtful way.

    Jan 19, 2023

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    The EU Can't Treat Ukrainian Refugees Like Short-Term Visitors

    Although EU countries, communities, and citizens have been very welcoming to Ukrainian refugees, it is not enough to treat them as short-term visitors, meet their immediate humanitarian needs, and let them wait out the war. By educating and employing them instead, EU countries can enrich their own communities and support Ukraine.

    Jul 24, 2023

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  • Displaced Palestinian children walk at a tent camp in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, November 14, 2023, photo by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters


    Displaced in Gaza: The Least-Bad Option

    There is currently no good option for protecting civilians amid the Israel-Hamas war. But the least-bad option is to keep civilians in southern Gaza—and provide protection and humanitarian assistance where they are.

    Dec 4, 2023

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    A Health Profile of African Immigrant Men in the United States

    African immigrants (AI) are the fastest growing group of immigrants to the U.S. however, their health and health practices remains poorly characterized. This study aimed to describe their health profile.

    Sep 13, 2023

  • Syrian refugee women take their children for a walk in Izmir, Turkey, June 19, 2023, photo by Murat Kocabas/SOPA Images via Reuters


    Normalizing Assad Won't Solve the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    As much as Syrian refugees would like to return home eventually and as much as neighboring countries would welcome an end to the challenges of hosting large refugee communities, now is not the right time for mass Syrian refugee repatriation. Regional governments could instead focus on supporting refugees where they are, especially by allowing them to be legal, productive members of local economies.

    Aug 23, 2023

  • Evacuees from Afghanistan board a Boeing 777 bound for the United States from Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily, Italy, August 28, 2021, photo by EyePress News/Reuters


    Escaping Afghanistan

    As of April 2023, about 152,000 Special Immigrant Visa applicants remain trapped in Afghanistan. Despite many recommendations and bipartisan support for reforming the program, only minor tweaks have been made. Meanwhile, the dangerously slow process has become practically a death sentence.

    Aug 14, 2023

  • RAND Weekly Recap


    Ukrainian Refugees, U.S. and Allied Defense Strategy, Threats from AI: RAND Weekly Recap

    This weekly recap focuses on supporting Ukrainian refugees, the future of U.S. and allied defense strategy, existential threats posed by artificial intelligence, and more.

    Aug 4, 2023

  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    Diversity in Schools: Immigrants and the Educational Performance of U.S.-Born Students

    We find that the presence of immigrant students has a positive effect on the academic achievement of U.S.-born students, especially for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Jul 13, 2023

  • Female military doctor speaking with a child in a gymnasium after a natural disaster, photo by South_agency/Getty Images

    Journal Article

    Climate Change-Related Mass Migration Requires Health System Resilience

    Mass migration driven by climate change-related shocks and stresses is already occurring. We argue for a need for resilient health systems to ensure migration is adaptive, not detrimental, to health.

    Jul 12, 2023

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    In the Wreckage of ISIS: An Examination of Challenges Confronting Detained and Displaced Populations in Northeastern Syria

    The authors examine the humanitarian and security conditions in two Syrian camps for internally displaced persons: al-Hol and Roj. They address concerns about radicalization and highlight challenges in returning displaced residents to their homes.

    Mar 9, 2023

  • RAND Weekly Recap


    Dementia Rates, Deepfakes, Migrant Students: RAND Weekly Recap

    This weekly recap focuses on the decline of dementia rates among Americans, the dangers of deepfakes, data privacy after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and more.

    Nov 18, 2022

  • Yellow school busses lined up outside a school, photo by DavidPrahl/Getty Images


    Federal Data Gaps on New Migrant Students Leave Schools Unable to Plan Ahead

    Federal law requires U.S. public schools to serve all school-age children who come to their doors, no matter their immigration status. With thousands of children crossing the southern border each year, schools face complex challenges, foremost of which is simply knowing how many of these new students to expect.

    Nov 9, 2022

  • Two volunteers distribute humanitarian aid to refugees, photo by pressmaster/Adobe Stock

    Journal Article

    Humanitarian Policymaking as Networked Governance

    To understand policymaking from a networked governance perspective, researchers used social network analysis and examined one of the most significant refugee policy processes: the efforts to formulate and adopt the Global Compact on Refugees.

    Nov 2, 2022

  • Educating Newcomers


    Educating Newcomers: A Research-Practice Conversation

    RAND researchers highlight findings from a recent study that estimates the number of children and youth from Central America and Mexico crossing the Southwest border of the United States from 2017 to 2019, as well as findings on policies and practice from two case study school districts in Louisiana and California.

    Aug 4, 2022

  • A stock photo of a health insurance application form focused on the word,


    Expanding Insurance Coverage to Undocumented Immigrants in Connecticut

    Removing Connecticut's immigration status requirements for Medicaid and individual market subsidy eligibility would increase health care coverage among certain immigrant populations. At the same time, it would not substantially affect health insurance costs for other Connecticut residents.

    Jun 7, 2022

  • Periodical


    RAND Review: May-June 2022

    The cover story explores what prison-based programs are available to help incarcerated parents and their children. Another feature examines ways to help social media users navigate the online extremist ecosystem.

    May 11, 2022

  • Ukrainian refugees arrive at the Przemysl, Poland, train station, March 3, 2022, photo by Attila Husejnow/SOPA Images/Alamy


    Tracking Migration Amid War and Disease

    Researchers from RAND and RAND Europe have been working on a way to better track migrant numbers, country by country and state by state, in almost real time. They do it by tapping into one of the largest information-gathering operations on the planet, Facebook.

    Apr 28, 2022

  • Two hands holding a heart made out of flowers in the colors of Ukraine'a flag, photo by Maryna Petrenko-Shvets/Getty Images


    Reopening Old Wounds: Two Stories, One Lesson

    The shocking events unfolding in Ukraine have reopened old wounds for two RAND researchers. Their personal stories stand as testaments that the traumas inflicted by Russia's war on Ukraine will echo for decades to come.

    Apr 16, 2022

  • RAND Weekly Recap


    Helping Ukrainian Refugees, Truth Decay, Algorithmic Inequity: RAND Weekly Recap

    This weekly recap focuses on how to help Ukrainian refugees, the link between cognitive processes and Truth Decay, tracking wastewater to understand the spread of COVID-19, and more.

    Apr 1, 2022

  • People fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine rest in a temporary refugee center located at a local track-and-field athletics stadium in Chisinau, Moldova, March 4, 2022, photo by Vladislav Culiomza/Reuters


    With the Ukrainians, Avoid the Mistakes of Other Refugee Crises

    Because of Russia's invasion, millions of Ukrainians have fled their country or are internally displaced. At this critical moment, European Union countries have an opportunity to avoid some of the worst pitfalls of how the world has handled other refugee crises.

    Mar 25, 2022