Military Airlift

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    Positioning Recoverable Spares in Military Airlift Networks

    A description of a technique for allocating repair-cycle type spares among a main operating base and the forward stations it supports so as to minimize the inventory investment necessary to maintain an acceptable level of system supply performance.

    Jan 1, 1967

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    Effect of cargo characteristics on routine airlift operations.

    A description of a technique for investigating the relationship between the efficiency of the peacetime intercontinental air-cargo system and various policy constraints on airlift. The results of two applications of the technique are also presented. ...

    Jan 1, 1962

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    The peacetime use of military airlift

    An attempt to determine the appropriate way to use military airlift in peacetime. Alternative peacetime concepts for the operation of the system are considered, together with economical modes of peacetime operation with the necessary wartime capabili...

    Jan 1, 1958

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    Cargo Density and Airlift

    A presentation of the results of previous RAND studies concerned with variations in the density of air cargo and the effects of these variations on aircraft design, aircraft capacity estimates, airlift operations, and airlift costs.

    Jan 1, 1957

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    The Value of Airlift in Defensive, Local, or Peripheral Wars After 1960.

    A discussion of the value of airlift to the U.S. Air Force in a situation sometime after 1960 involving something less than all-out general war. Military requirements for intercontinental air transportation are discussed, along with U.S. capacity t...

    Jan 1, 1956

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    Ruth Harris

    Research Group Director, Defense, Security and Infrastructure, RAND Europe
    Education M.A. in defence and security, Kings College London; M.Sc. in conflict prevention and development management, The Open University; M.Sc. in logistics management, Lincoln University; M.Sc. in veterinary physiotherapy, Essex University

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    Brent Thomas

    Senior Operations Researcher
    Education M.S. and Ph.D. in water resources, University of California, Los Angeles; M.S. in environmental engineering, University of Texas; B.S. in chemical engineering, classical languages, and mathematics, Vanderbilt University