Military Mobilization


Military mobilization involves the assembling and organizing of national military resources—that is, active or reserve forces—to support a nation's defense or strategic objectives. RAND provides civilian and military decisionmakers with critical recommendations on all aspects of defense expenditures to maximize the effectiveness, support, and readiness of a nation's military force.

  • Research Brief

    Why Understanding 'Will to Fight' Is Crucial

    Arguably, will to fight is the most important factor in war. The best technology in the world is useless without the force of will to use it and to keep using it even as casualties mount and unexpected calamities arise. Ignoring will to fight can contribute to tactical or even strategic defeat.

    Sep 13, 2019

  • Commentary

    The Definition of Mobilisation

    In Australia, the prevailing view of mobilisation is that it is an activity associated with going to war. But it should also include preparing for, and where possible, preventing a range of potential hazards, as well as supporting subsequent recovery efforts.

    Oct 21, 2021

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