Military Recruitment


Attracting qualified recruits and the costs associated with essential skills training make military recruitment an ongoing challenge; low recruitment affects, among other things, enlistee counts, unit readiness, and morale. RAND has provided objective evaluations and recommendations that support decisionmakers' efforts to monitor and manage military recruiting, including examinations of demographic groups and communities where recruiting could be more successful.

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    Demystifying the Wealth Gap to Inform Military Talent Management Decisions

    Wealth disparities across gender and racial/ethnic minority groups affect current and future service members. A better understanding of these disparities can help the Department of the Air Force and the Pentagon take actions that bridge the wealth gap and promote equality and inclusion.

    Jan 29, 2024

  • Report

    What Americans Think About Veterans and Military Service

    The U.S. public's confidence in the military is declining, but perceptions of veterans are overwhelmingly positive. Over half of Americans would discourage a young person close to them from enlisting, but 61 percent would encourage them to join as an officer, via ROTC or a service academy.

    Dec 14, 2023

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