Police-Community Relations


Communities rely on police departments to "protect and serve" and the police, in turn, rely on community support and cooperation, but the relationship is not always harmonious. RAND researchers have examined the relationships between law enforcement agencies and their communities in several countries.

  • Tool

    A Toolkit for Community-Police Dialogue

    Most efforts to improve community-police relations end up being ad hoc, are led by a few officers or motivated community members, and tend to be abandoned over time. A new guide can help communities implement a structured community-police dialogue that could lead to more productive relationships between police and the communities they serve.

    Nov 27, 2023

  • Commentary

    Is Believing Our Kids Are Safer Worth Closing Off Some of Their Futures?

    Placing an officer in a school appears to reduce violence and petty crimes within a school. But it also creates long-term negative consequences for students who are increasingly likely to become involved in the school disciplinary system.

    Aug 22, 2023

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