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RAND work on public safety issues ranges from policing and prisons to violent crime and the illegal drug trade, as well as homeland security and emergency preparedness. RAND research helps inform policy debates that are often riddled with arguments driven not by evidence but by emotion and ideology.

  • A police van parks near pots placed to prevent possible attacks on a pedestrian street in Madrid, Spain, August 18, 2017, photo by Juan Medina/Reuters


    Vehicular Terrorism: Weighing the Benefits, and Worth, of Prevention

    Sep 5, 2017

    The terrorist attack in Barcelona has added urgency to discussions of what can be done to prevent terrorists from using vehicles as weapons. Many potential security measures would be disruptive, costly, and could easily be circumvented by a determined terrorist.

  • A police body camera is worn by an officer during a news conference on the pilot program of body cameras involving 60 NYPD officers dubbed Big Brother at the NYPD police academy in Queens, New York, December 3, 2014, photo by Shannon Stapleton/Reuters


    Wearable Technologies for Law Enforcement

    Sep 8, 2017

    Wearable technologies that could help officers in the field, such as flexible batteries and wireless charging, are available today at reasonable costs. Law enforcement agencies should work with manufacturers to provide input on future wearables.

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