Racial Equity


RAND research has addressed racial equity from several angles. Studies have explored such topics as disparities in the U.S. criminal justice system, unequal economic opportunities and barriers to employment for people of color, the achievement gap between minority and nonminority students, and how differences in access to quality health care can affect individual and community health and well-being.

  • Kindergarten teacher Princess Bryant (R) and paraprofessional Emily Lichtenstein meet their incoming students and parents remotely before the first day of classes in the new school year at the Tynan Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts, September 18, 2020, photo by Brian Snyder/Reuters


    How State Critical Race Theory Bans Could Trickle Down to the Classroom

    Aug 31, 2021

    Given the potential blowback to teaching anything related to race or gender, avoiding lessons on the experiences of women or people of color will be the path of least resistance in many schools. But discussing racism and sexism in a safe environment is crucial for students to become active, knowledgeable citizens.

  • A group of people of diverse racial backgrounds stand clapping. Photo by rawpixel.com / Adobe Stock


    Racial Equity Policy Research: Q&A Series

    Sep 7, 2021

    In this Q&A series, a diverse group of RAND experts discuss their ongoing research projects and the critical questions they hope to answer.

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    Sameer M. Siddiqi

    Associate Policy Researcher
    Education Ph.D. in health policy and management, Johns Hopkins University; B.S. in biology, University of Houston

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    Joshua Snoke

    Education Ph.D. in statistics, Pennsylvania State University; B.S. in mathematics, economics, Wheaton College

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    Kristin Warren

    Associate Engineer
    Education Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; M.S. in mechanical engineering, Carnegie Mellon University; B.S. in mechanical engineering, Kettering University

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    Jhacova Williams

    Associate Economist
    Education Ph.D. in economics, Louisiana State University; M.S. in economics, Louisiana State University; M.S. in applied mathematics, University of Maryland-College Park; B.S. in mathematics, Xavier University of Louisiana

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    Malcolm V. Williams

    Senior Policy Researcher; Associate Research Department Director, Behavioral and Policy Sciences Department; Professor and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in health policy, Harvard University; M.P.P., Georgetown University