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RAND experts have often been among the pioneers of key scientific research, including computer analysis, satellite development, military technology, and the foundations of the Internet. RAND's research has also resulted in the development of new methodologies and ways of analyzing policy issues, from the Delphi method to Robust Decision Making.

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    Machine Learning and Gene Editing at the Helm of a Societal Evolution

    The confluence of machine learning and gene editing has the potential to transform health care, agriculture, national security, and many other fields. How can policymakers minimize the risks and maximize the benefits?

    Oct 23, 2023

  • Commentary

    Ideas for Humanity's Future Approach to Space

    In its first 75 years, RAND helped shape how humankind thought about and used space for the benefit of humanity. And it intends to have a similar impact on the next 75 years of space sustainability, security, and governance. Researchers identified concepts worthy of future study.

    Nov 14, 2023

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