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    Is the EU Drugs Strategy Helping to Curb the Harm Caused by Drugs?

    Jan 9, 2018

    The EU Drugs Strategy takes a balanced approach to reduce drug demand, supply, and harm. All EU member states have a national drugs strategy, and most are aligned with the EU's. Having a coordinated voice on drug policy is valuable but is the strategy working?

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    Research Brief

    Consider a Range of Policy Areas to Solve the Opioid Crisis

    Jul 3, 2018

    Many thoughtful policies have been implemented to reduce access to opioids and enhance treatment for addiction. But policies targeting one part of the system can have unintended effects on another. To combat the crisis, decisionmakers will need to weigh potential policy outcomes across the entire opioid ecosystem.

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    Where Science Says to Spend Any U.S. Opioid Settlement Money

    A global settlement with pharmaceutical companies has started to appear more and more likely. Even with billions of dollars, the settlement resources won't be unlimited. To avoid mistakes made in the tobacco master settlement agreement, any opioid funds must be carefully allocated.

    Dec 19, 2019

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    Matthew Chinman

    Senior Behavioral Scientist
    Education Ph.D. in clinical/community psychology, University of South Carolina

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    Elizabeth J. D'Amico

    Senior Behavioral Scientist
    Education Ph.D. in clinical psychology, University of Texas

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    Jeremy N. V. Miles

    Affiliate Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in quantitative psychology, University of Derby, United Kingdom

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    Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

    Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in economics, Duke University; B.S. in political science, Santa Clara University