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    How to Track and Disrupt the Illicit Antiquities Trade

    May 12, 2020

    The sale of stolen cultural property provides an important funding source for terrorist organizations and rogue states. New evidence compiled from numerous open sources shows how the illicit antiquities market operates and ways law enforcement might be able to disrupt it.

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    U.S. Efforts Are Essential to Counter an Islamic State Comeback

    Aug 7, 2019

    The Islamic State can no longer rely on local funding sources as it did when it controlled territory. But as an insurgency, its expenses are far lower. With revenue from criminal activities and the cash it hoarded, the group will survive as a clandestine terrorist movement. Counterfinance, intelligence, and possibly military action will be needed.

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  • Journal Article

    Journal Article

    The Economic Cost of Harboring Terrorism

    The literature on conflict and terrorism has paid little attention to the economic costs of terrorism for the perpetrators.

    Jan 1, 2010

  • Multimedia

    Gregory F. Treverton Discusses Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism

    Gregory F. Treverton discusses how organized crime is increasingly involved in the piracy of feature films, with syndicates active along the entire supply chain from manufacture to street sales of pirated movies.

    Mar 3, 2009

  • Report


    Understanding Proto-Insurgencies

    The most effective U.S. counterinsurgency action would be to anticipate the possibility of insurgencies developing; it could then provide training and advisory programs and inhibit outsides support.

    Aug 23, 2007

  • Dissertation


    Financing Terror: An Analysis and Simulation to Affect Al Qaeda's Financial Infrastructures

    Explores how U.S. and international counter-terrorism policies affect the financial support networks of Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

    Jun 2, 2005

  • Research Brief

    Research Brief

    The New Face of Insurgency

    What are the external sources of support for insurgencies today? What motivates the different sources of support? How do different sources of support contribute to insurgent movements?

    Jan 1, 2002

  • Report


    Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements

    Outside supporters, including state and non-state sponsors, of insurgent movements offer various forms of assistance to insurgents based on a wide range of motivations.

    Nov 20, 2001

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