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    Can Vaping Help Smokers Quit? The Real Story from a Real Story

    Nov 16, 2017

    Evidence doesn't support using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. In fact, doing so could even lead to reduced chances of quitting. Evidence does show that other options work, such as nicotine replacement patches or gum combined with counseling strategies.

  • A combination picture shows packs of cigarettes, unveiled by European Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner David Byrne at a news conference in Brussels October 22, 2004, photo by Stringer/Reuters

    News Release

    Graphic Warning Labels on Tobacco Packages Can Deter Some Smokers

    Apr 9, 2019

    Placing graphic anti-smoking warning labels on cigarette packages may deter some adults from purchasing tobacco products. But the strategy is unlikely to influence smokers who are most addicted to nicotine.

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