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    What Deters and Why

    Nov 20, 2018

    What must the United States do to deter potential aggressors from attacking allies or other countries in large-scale conventional conflicts? Managing an adversary's motives is the key first step.

  • U.S. Army recruits wait for further in-processing after receiving their initial haircuts during basic combat training at Fort Jackson, S.C., January 16, 2008, photo by SrA Micky M. Bazaldua/U.S. Air Force


    Life as an Army Private: Six Soldiers Tell Their Stories

    Mar 6, 2019

    In their own words, six junior soldiers describe why they joined the U.S. Army, their joys and frustrations, and what they hope the future brings. These stories offer lessons for policymakers, Army leaders and recruiters, and anyone considering a career in the Army.

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