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Demand for educated, versatile workers who can interpret complex information and adapt to innovation is higher than ever. RAND pursues research that helps people, organizations, and governments understand how workers can remain engaged and productive in a changing global economy. Studies address workforce development, gender equity in the workplace, working conditions, and workplace wellness programs.

  • Two scientists working in a laboratory, photo by poba/Getty Images


    Pittsburgh's Science- and Technology-Focused Workforce

    About 18 percent of Pittsburgh's employment is in science- and technology-focused occupations and the growth rate suggests the need for more workers in the future. What investments and policy changes could safeguard the region's strengths and support it as a flourishing science and technology hub?

    Jan 9, 2023

  • Chicago Police Department recruits take their oath of office during their graduation ceremony in Chicago, Illinois, April 21, 2014, photo by Jim Young/Reuters


    A Way Forward for Police Recruiting

    Police recruiting is in a prolonged crisis. Without sufficient numbers of quality recruits who will form the foundation of change in policing in the coming decade, no amount of planning, strategies, or programs will succeed. It is critical to draw from a pool of interested persons who are diverse, eclectic, technologically adept, and who have a spirit of community service that is the core of public safety professions.

    Dec 16, 2022

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