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  • Report

    Defining the Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions for Data Science Within the Defense Intelligence Agency

    This report addresses and recommends potential methods for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to identify, hire, and organize data scientists.

    Nov 17, 2016

  • Journal Article

    How Policy Can Help Develop and Sustain Workforce Capacity in UK Dementia Research: Insights from a Career Tracking Analysis and Stakeholder Interviews

    This article attempts to identify research support strategies likely to be effective for strengthening the UK's dementia research landscape and ensuring a sustainable and competitive workforce.

    Sep 6, 2016

  • Workers working in a factory


    Back to Work: Middle-Skill Jobs in the STEM Economy

    The STEM economy will grow by 17 percent through 2018, with expected job vacancies totaling 2.4 million. Middle-skill STEM jobs that require associate's degrees or occupational certifications—such as computer support specialists, web developers, and engineering technicians—are in the highest demand.

    Aug 24, 2016

  • Job seekers wait to enter a job fair in downtown Denver, Colorado, March 13, 2014


    Labor Day Blog Series: American Worker

    To celebrate Labor Day, the American Worker series of commentaries offers research, reflections, and policy insights on a variety of topics that affect American workers.

    Aug 22, 2016

  • Young people waiting for a job interview


    Young Workers Without College Degrees Face Uncomfortable Truths

    Young Americans without a college education suffer from high unemployment, low earnings, and delayed adulthood with a limited ability to buy a home. To help them, policymakers need to remind themselves that workforce training and labor policy must focus on the technology-driven jobs of tomorrow.

    Jun 23, 2016

  • Two engineers check the status of equipment in a manufacturing facility


    Wages, Employment, and STEM Education in Appalachia

    The first county-level examination of wages and employment for workers in the Appalachia region with STEM training sets a baseline that will help measure the ongoing success of the Appalachia Partnership Initiative's efforts to prepare K-12 students and local workers for jobs in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors.

    Mar 9, 2016

  • Future technology and workforce


    The Future at Work — Trends and Implications

    What are the forces that will continue to shape the U.S. workforce and workplace over the next 10 to 15 years? RAND analyzes trends in and the implications of shifting demographic patterns, the pace of technological change, and the path of economic globalization.

    May 1, 2004

  • Content

    Hannah Acheson-Field

    Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education B.S. in computational biology (computer science), Brown University

  • Content

    Shelly Culbertson

    Senior Policy Researcher
    Education M.P.A. in public policy and international development, Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs, Princeton University; B.Phil. in political science and philosophy, University of Pittsburgh; B.S. in mathematics, University of Pittsburgh

  • Content

    Dionne Barnes-Proby

    Social Policy Researcher; Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education D.P.A. in public administration - collaborative governance, University of La Verne; M.S.W. in policy, planning, and administration, Loma Linda University; B.A. in psychology and black studies, Pitzer College

  • Content

    Katharina Ley Best

    Associate Research Department Director, Engineering and Applied Sciences Department; Operations Researcher
    Education Ph.D. in industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan; M.S. in industrial and operations engineering, University of Michigan; B.S. in systems engineering, University of Virginia

  • Content

    Annie Brothers

    Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education M.S. in data science, Northwestern University; B.A. in Russian, political science, Grinnell College

  • Content

    Grace Gahlon

    Research Assistant
    Education B.A. in applied psychology & human development, Boston College; B.A. in mathematics, Boston College

  • Content

    Gabriella C. Gonzalez

    Senior Social Scientist; Affiliate Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education Ph.D. in sociology, Harvard University

  • Content

    J. Luke Irwin

    Assistant Policy Researcher; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education M.P.H., Unversity of Texas Health Science Center; B.S. in neurobiology, University of Texas

  • Content

    M. Rebecca Kilburn

    Senior Economist
    Education Ph.D. in economics, University of Chicago; M.A. in economics, University of Chicago; B.A. in economics, Kenyon College

  • Content

    Weilong Kong

    Assistant Policy Researcher, RAND; Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School
    Education M.P.A., University of Southern California; B.Ec. in finance, Renmin University of China

  • Content

    Madeline Nightingale

    Education D.Phil. in social policy, University of Oxford; M.Sc. in comparative social policy, University of Oxford; B.Sc. in social anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

  • Content

    Sarah Weilant

    Senior Policy Analyst
    Education M.P.P. in public policy, American University

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