About RAND Social and Economic Well-Being

RAND Social and Economic Well-Being seeks to actively improve the health and social and economic well-being of populations and communities throughout the world. Our aim is to produce high-quality and consumable research and analysis that addresses critical factors necessary to promote health, social and economic well-being as well as to support decisionmakers and policy influencers in using the best and most practical approaches to solve social and economic problems.

Hallmarks of RAND Social and Economic Well-Being research include

  • objective, innovative approaches to problem-solving
  • comprehensive understanding of history and context in relevant policymaking
  • impartial, expert analysis of complex—and sometimes controversial—policy issues
  • clearly communicated findings and recommendations subject to rigorous quality assurance
  • engagement at all levels of government (national, regional, local) and with the private sector
  • capabilities that cut across traditional policy boundaries and span multiple economic sectors often at once.

The division works across three program areas: Justice Policy; Community Health and Environmental Policy; and Social and Behavioral Policy.

RAND Social and Economic Well-Being pursues many questions that purposefully cut across its research areas and programs.