Codirectors of the RAND Climate Resilience Center

David Groves and Jordan Fischbach

Center Codirectors David Groves and Jordan Fischbach

Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND

Researchers Jordan Fischbach and David Groves codirect the RAND Climate Resilience Center. Fischbach and Groves have worked closely together for nearly a decade to help decision makers address water supply, coastal resilience, and climate adaptation planning challenges.

The codirectors have spent countless hours conducting joint research working side by side with decision makers in different regions, including Southern California, the Colorado River Basin, Coastal Louisiana, and New York City, to help bring timely and practical research results into ongoing planning efforts.

Groves and Fischbach were both trained as policy analysts at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Groves joined RAND as a policy researcher in 2006 and Fischbach followed suit in 2010; together, they have been working to bring new methods for decision making under uncertainty and participatory decision support into practice for local, state, and federal planners.