Frontiers in Climate Policy

Webinar Series

Our goal for this webinar series is to stoke conversation about innovations in climate policy that are urgently needed—and what researchers can do to help advance those innovations.

We are inviting experts external to RAND to convene discussions about how evidence-based, inclusive approaches can support better climate policy design and identify priorities for climate action in the near term.

The series will cover a range of topics, focusing on priorities for climate change action and governance, diplomacy, resilience, and needed investments in methods for advancing climate adaptation and mitigation.

A total of four webinars will be held in fall 2022. Each webinar will be an hour in length and feature an external speaker with an internal RAND discussant and invited questions from our audience.

For more information about upcoming webinars in the series, email

Warming to Climate Change: Evolving the Climate Change and Defence/Security Nexus in Canada

Ambassador Christopher Shapardanov


October 27, 2022


Ambassador Christopher Shapardanov
Retired career foreign service officer and former ambassador for Canada


Susan A. Resetar
Senior Operations Researcher, RAND


Ambassador Shapardanov highlighted climate challenges for Canada’s defence policy. He described the need to balance responses to climate change as a conflict accelerator abroad, while dealing with climate impacts on infrastructure at home, especially among coastal communities. Mr. Shapardanov underscored the opportunity to strengthen relationships with Inuit and First Nations communities. He responded to comments and questions from discussant Susan A. Resetar, emphasizing the “tyranny of distance” in the Arctic. Key policy questions include: What resources will the Canadian Air Force need to adjust to new maritime conditions in the Arctic?

A total of 60 people attended the virtual session, delving into the need for strong international collaboration with the changing climate in the far North.

In This Together: Innovating to Solve the Climate Problem

Dr. Ko Barrett


September 13, 2022


Dr. Ko Barrett
Vice Chair for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Senior Climate Advisor for NOAA


Nidhi Kalra
Senior Information Scientist, RAND


“Terrifying and exciting” is how our inaugural speaker, Dr. Ko Barrett, described this moment in time for climate researchers and policymakers. Dr. Barrett highlighted that a superpower of the IPCC is bringing together diverse perspectives, which helps to check biases and enhance innovation. She also noted that more research is needed by and about underrepresented groups and their involvement should occur at the earliest stages as research priorities are set. Dr. Barrett responded to comments and questions from discussant Dr. Nidhi Kalra, emphasizing the important role of cities as “just the right level of involvement to make a difference.” Key policy questions include: How do we quantify the benefits of subnational action, bringing along the most vulnerable individuals?

A total of 103 people attended the virtual session, delving into the urgent need for combined adaptation and mitigation measures to address climate change.


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