Community Resilience Toolkits



Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience Project

The Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience (LACCDR) project has developed a variety of tools and resources related to community resilience:

  • Resilience Builder Toolkit (PDF)
    Resilience Builder is a community toolkit that builds upon existing resources in your community to strengthen resilience. It is presented in six sections and offers strategies to increase resilience.
  • Community Resilience Workplan (PDF)
    Many people want to know: What is the difference between building preparedness and building community resilience? For the third pilot year of the project, the LACCDR team has put together a list of questions, strategies and resources that can help guide organizations and communities towards building resilience efforts as they plan out their activities.
  • CR'ness Measures (PDF)
    These measures help to determine the level of community resilience building in an organization's or community's workplan. Items that are not currently present in the workplan point to areas of growth and possible next steps for the group to consider.