California Neighborhoods Count during the Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the many ways that the State of California knows about the needs of residents is through data collection on communities from surveys like the California Neighborhoods Count. Providing adequate health care and social services during emergency times like this requires accurate information on the state’s many communities. California Neighborhoods Count is part of the state’s broader efforts to collect such information. In other words, given how the coronavirus is affecting communities, California Neighborhoods Count is now even more important.

All study participants will have the option to participate in the survey by mail, web, or phone. We highly encourage study participants to respond to the survey this way. If we do not hear from study participants via mail, web, or phone, we will be sending data collectors to their place of residence starting in July to administer the survey in person. This in-person data collection will continue through November. Our primary goal is to keep study participants as well as our data collectors safe. All data collectors will be wearing a face mask/face shield and gloves. All of our data collectors will use a tissue to ring doorbells and will maintain a distance of 6 feet when speaking to residents.