RAND Convenience Store Study

A young woman shopping in a convenience store. Photo by Giselleflissak / Getty Images

Photo by Giselleflissak / Getty Images


This project is studying what teens and young adults ages 11 to 20 in the Pittsburgh area buy at convenience stores.

Who May Participate

We are looking for teens and young adults who:

  • are 11-20 years old
  • Have good physical and psychological health


Part 1:

Participants will complete a survey on the internet. The survey will ask the participants to answer questions about him or herself and his/her opinions about convenience stores. This survey will take about 30 minutes to complete.

For participants ages 11-17: In order for someone in this age range to participate, a parent will need to provide verbal informed consent and the teen between 11-17 will need to provide verbal assent.

Part 2:

The participants will visit the RAND study center in person. At the in-person session, participants will complete some surveys that ask about themselves and their thoughts about advertising for different convenience store products. The participant will then spend a few minutes in the RAND convenience store to purchase, with money that we give him/her, any products that he or she would like and answer questions about his/her experience. The in-person visit to the study center will take about 90 minutes.

For participants ages 11-17: At least one parent or guardian must accompany the participant at the RAND study center for the duration of the study.


Participants will receive Target gift cards for participating. He/she will receive a $15 gift card for the internet survey and $25 for the in-person visit. This means that the total compensation for completing all procedures is $40 in gift cards. We will also provide you with parking or bus vouchers.