Building a Culture of Health

Since 2013, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has led a pioneering effort to advance a Culture of Health that enables all people in a diverse society to lead healthier lives over generations. Since that time, RWJF and the RAND Corporation have developed the Action Framework and associated national measures to track progress toward a Culture of Health, and have supported other efforts to understand how people and whole communities in the United States think about, value, and prioritize issues of health, well-being, and health equity.

Creating a Culture of Health and Advancing Health Equity

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    Understanding Our Culture of Health Before the Pandemic Can Help Us Improve It Afterward

    Measuring health and the social and economic factors that influenced it before the pandemic helps us understand the kind of risks the United States faced previously. It can also inform how to move forward toward recovery.

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    Measuring Progress Toward a Culture of Health... at the Library

    Libraries can provide much more than books and internet access. Libraries across the United States are evolving to play a bigger role in community health. Many offer nutrition programs, mental health support, and even free bike-shares.

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    New Data on How We're Measuring a Culture of Health

    We are seeing small but positive changes in the appreciation of the social determinants of health and the need for broader community health investments. People are expanding their views of what influences health and there have been some targeted improvements in health care and public health access. Yet, the critical systemic changes needed for more transformative health improvements have been slower to follow.

Understanding American Health Mindset and Expectations

Engaging Civically for Health

Assessing How Communities Build a Culture of Health

Activating Social Change for Well-Being

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    Measuring Wellbeing to Help Communities Thrive

    The city of Santa Monica wanted to incorporate wellbeing into city planning, policies, and programs. RAND researchers, as part of a team of experts, helped create a framework for measuring wellbeing and applying the findings to city planning.