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As cities and regions explore the factors that contribute to productivity, innovations, and resilience, the issue of civic wellbeing has become an important topic. Wellbeing goes beyond the concepts of happiness and wellness: It encompasses the skills and opportunities that individuals need to live a meaningful life.

A range of factors influence personal and subjective wellbeing, including the social, physical, and economic environment. Approaching quality of life in this way, there are many policy interventions that can contribute to or detract from community and individual wellbeing.

People paint a mural of a woman on a city wall

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Why Does Wellbeing Matter?

One City's Wellbeing Journey

Funded by an award from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the city of Santa Monica partnered with RAND to measure community wellbeing. The goal is to improve residents' wellbeing by incorporating the results of the Wellbeing Project into city governance.

Improving Wellbeing in Cambridge

A RAND Europe survey conducted for Cambridge Ahead found that making the region a better place to live requires a rounded approach. After reviewing the survey's findings, city leaders made changes that had real impact on the wellbeing of city residents.

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