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Since 1979, the RAND Institute for Civil Justice has been dedicated to making the civil justice system more efficient and more equitable. Our research is supported by pooled grants from corporations, trade and professional associations, and individuals; by government grants and contacts; and by private foundations. The Institute disseminates its work widely to the legal, business, and research communities, and to the general public.

Research and Commentary

  • A house burns as firefighters battle a fast-moving wildfire that destroyed homes driven by strong wind and high temperatures forcing thousands of residents to evacuate in Goleta, California, July 7, 2018

    How Wildfire Risks Impact California's Homeowners Insurance Market

    Sep 5, 2018

    Wildfire poses considerable risk to Californians, and the associated increases in home insurance prices can cause financial hardship for families. It's critical to understand how the insurance market is performing with regard to wildfire risk and how climate change may affect this performance.

  • A man in a wheelchair sitting at a desk with a woman looking at a laptop

    Evaluation of the Return-to-Work Fund in California's Workers' Compensation System

    Jun 20, 2018

    California's Return-to-Work Supplement Program is performing well on several dimensions, however, take-up of the program is low, with just over half of eligible workers applying for the $5000 benefit.

  • A self-driving car being developed by nuTonomy, a company creating software for autonomous vehicles, is guided down a street near their offices in Boston, Massachusetts, June 2, 2017

    Rethinking Insurance and Liability in the Transformative Age of Autonomous Vehicles

    Jun 8, 2018

    What are the challenges and opportunities for the automobile insurance industry as autonomous vehicle technology becomes widely deployed? This workshop brought together industry stakeholders, regulators, and consumer representatives to focus on the implications of AV technology for insurance and liability regimes.

  • A doctor wearing a white coat holding a clipboard

    Medical Care Provided to California's Injured Workers

    May 16, 2018

    Spending on medical care for injured workers has increased in California since 2007, despite a reduction in claims. Analysis of data from the Workers' Compensation Information System (WCIS) provides a framework for understanding changes in spending levels and establishes a baseline for a future study of the impact of the California's 2003-2004 workers' compensation reforms.

  • An injured man and his wife examine a bill

    Tax Reform Could Raise Car Insurance Rates

    Feb 4, 2018

    The new tax law eliminates the individual mandate. When this repeal takes effect in 2019, millions more Americans are expected to go without health insurance. Auto insurers will likely pick up the tab for some of that population's medical care. That could raise car insurance premiums.

  • Stack of documents held with bulldog clip

    Contingent Fee Litigation in New York City

    Jan 30, 2018

    Analysis of "closing statements" in New York state courts from 2004–2013 show settlement rates in the state are very high relative to previous studies, that claims are disproportionately from poor neighborhoods, and that attorneys' fees are almost always one-third of net recovery, which is the maximum allowed by law, among other findings.