About the RAND Institute for Civil Justice

The nation's civil justice system is a key forum of dispute resolution and public policy formation in our society. Directly or indirectly, the issues brought into this arena have an impact on all of us—on businesses and employees, on our nation's economy and environment, and on the rules by which we all live and work.

Since 1979, the RAND Institute for Civil Justice has been dedicated to making the civil justice system more efficient and more equitable by supplying government, private decisionmakers, and the public with the results of objective, empirically-based, analytic research. Its research analyzes trends and outcomes, identifies and evaluates policy options, and brings together representatives of different interests to debate alternative solutions to policy problems. The Institute builds on a long tradition of RAND research characterized by an interdisciplinary, empirical approach to public policy issues and rigorous standards of quality, objectivity, and independence.

ICJ research is supported by pooled grants from corporations, trade and professional associations, and individuals; by government grants and contacts; and by private foundations. The Institute disseminates its work widely to the legal, business, and research communities, and to the general public.