What a Scientist Suggests You Tell Your Kids About Legal Marijuana

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Quarterly insights from the RAND Drug Policy Research Center

August 2017

Elizabeth D'Amico, Photo by PBS News Hour

What a Scientist Suggests You Tell Your Kids About Legal Marijuana

Behavioral scientist Elizabeth D'Amico, who has researched drug and alcohol use among teens for more than 20 years, discusses what kids need to know. View the video »

A teenage girl buying drugs from a boy outside school, photo by Daisy-Daisy/Getty Images

Photo by Daisy-Daisy/Getty Images

Anti-Drug Education: Time for a New Bumper Sticker

Effective drug prevention in America could start by helping school districts adopt evidence-based programs that work. Unlike DARE, which failed, there are programs that teach children to make wise and responsible decisions about drugs, and won't break the bank.

View the talk »

Pill bottle with spilled pills, photo by smartstock/Getty Images

Photo by smartstock/Getty Images

Recommendations for Reducing Deaths from Opioid Addiction

A new RAND report finds that following three recommendations in providing medical care to people with an opioid addiction may reduce deaths among those patients by as much as one-third.

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Prison cells, photo by txking/Getty Images

Photo by txking/Getty Images

Too Little Evidence Available to Determine Cost Savings of Crime Reform Initiative for Los Angeles County

While a California ballot initiative reducing penalties for some criminal offenses promised to save local governments money, quantifying such savings will require significant changes in the way local agencies track workloads.

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A man being arrested for drug possession, photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty Images

Photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty Images

Should California Drop Criminal Penalties for Drug Possession?

Californians have a lot to consider when it comes to decriminalizing possession. But now is the time for a rigorous discussion about removing criminal penalties for drug possession, rather than rushing to judgment in the heat of a future election season.

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Beau Kilmer

Beau Kilmer

Codirector, RAND Drug Policy Research Center

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

Codirector, RAND Drug Policy Research Center

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