Early Evidence on the Impact of Cannabis Legalization

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Quarterly insights from the RAND Drug Policy Research Center

NOV 2019

Close up of a man holding cannabis products in a cannabis dispensary, photo by CasarsaGuru/Getty Images

Early Evidence on the Impact of Cannabis Legalization

New RAND research examines how state cannabis policies affect substance use, emphasizing studies using methods for causal inference and highlighting knowledge gaps. Read more »

Bags of fentanyl and heroin that were seized by authorities, photo by United States DEA

Photo by United States DEA

Tackle Fentanyl like a Poisoning Outbreak, Not a Drug Epidemic

America's fentanyl problem is far deadlier than past crises with other illegal drugs. New ideas, be they public health policies, technologies or law enforcement strategies, are desperately needed. Continuing to treat fentanyl just like previous drug epidemics will likely be insufficient and may condemn thousands more to early deaths.

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Female therapist counsels a male patient, photo by NoSystem images/Getty Images

Photo by NoSystem images/Getty Images

Experimental Evaluation of CBT for a First-Time DUI Offense

Results from a randomized controlled trial found that individuals receiving cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) reported significantly lower rates of repeat DUI than those receiving usual care.

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Silhouettes of students talking in front of Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School, photo by RAND Corporation

Photo by RAND Corporation

Study Drug Policy and Get Your Ph.D. at Pardee RAND

Interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy? Apply for Pardee RAND Graduate School for Fall 2020 now through January 7, 2020.

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Beau Kilmer

Beau Kilmer

Director, RAND Drug Policy Research Center